About Talentegy

Companies often have multiple systems in their candidate journey. However, very few have insight into the entire experience in order to increase conversions and drive better ROI.

With Talentegy by Jobvite now you can. Talentegy is an award-winning, AI-enhanced Talent Experience Analytics and Engagement Platform that optimizes Recruiting and Talent Management. We provide a unified view of how your existing HR technology and programs are performing so you can improve your candidate experience.

Without Talentegy, companies are likely losing significant recruitment investments on lost talent opportunities and negative candidate experience impacts to their brand and bottom line.

Features & Benefits


  • Insight across all your HR platforms
  • No IT involvement or integration required
  • Unified measurement with rich analytics to tell your data story
  • Automated feedback and engagement tools including surveys and chatbots
  • Easily track all your employer reviews in one dashboard
  • Automated alerts based on HR business rules and best practices
  • Session recordings to better understand what’s driving candidate drop off
  • Collaboration tools to keep vendors and stakeholders informed


  • Measure. Better user experience starts with a deeper understanding of user behavior. We monitor each step of the journey. It’s metrics around people, not products.
  • Alert. Remove guesswork by analyzing every interaction to pinpoint where issues are occurring and improve overall user experience.
  • Plan. Build a plan, with your team and vendors, to optimize your talent strategies. Our tools are easy to use so you can monitor every stage and deliverable.