Important Updates for Jobvite Administrators

2022 was a transformational year for Jobvite Support. We’ve made significant progress in improving our customer experience.

In 2022, we launched new tooling, including an expanded, improved help center with a dynamic Knowledge Base that will populate and grow, keeping pace with our customer’s needs. Our processes have also improved, allowing us to improve response times and ensure appropriate ticket follow-up aligned with our SLAs.

In September 2022, we limited the ability to create Support Tickets for System Administrators. In 2023, we are taking this further and asking customers to identify Named Support Contacts, outlined in our Support Terms and Conditions.

Section 1.1 of the Standard Support Terms and Conditions requires the designation of “Named Support Contact(s).” The Named Support Contact(s) will make all support requests on the company’s behalf.

This change will go into effect on Monday, March 6th.

Why are we doing this?

  • To help minimize our customers’ compliance and security exposure. When Jobvite support needs access to a customer’s account, a Named Support Contact or Administrator, not an end-user, should grant permission.
  • To protect our customers’ data. Support often needs to share sensitive information, including PII. These interactions should be limited to the designated Named Support Contact. As part of our transition, we are retooling our support process to better align with our Standard Support Terms and Conditions (below). This change allows for process optimization, better service, and improved data security.

What do you need to do?

To update your Named Support Contacts, please log in to Jobvite and navigate to the Help Center.

  • Click on the link, Submit a Request
  • In the “Please choose your issue below” dropdown, select I want to add Named Support Contacts

  • Enter your Named Support Contacts in the form, and enter up to five names and email addresses

  • Click Submit

Another necessary change is how tickets can be created. As of Monday, March 6, 2023 we will no longer accept Support tickets via email. We know this is a significant change, and it’s not made lightly, but we believe this will improve not only our response time but also your overall experience for the following reasons:

  • Essential details describing the issue are often left out of emails, causing delays in resolution time due to back-and-forth communication to get more information.
  • Ticket urgency is not immediately detected when an email is received. Depending on the volume of incoming tickets, it may be a few hours before an Agent picks up the case. If it’s having a negative impact on your business, we lose critical time in addressing the issue. Fields on the ticket submission form determine the case priority, alerting the team to any Urgent (P1) or High Priority (P2) tickets for quicker response.  
  • Streamlined communication through the Help Center. Eliminate multiple email threads and duplicate tickets by communicating through the Help Center, escalating as needed.

What’s not changing is our commitment to delivering stellar customer service. Upon resolution, you will receive an email asking how the Support Agent handled your ticket; please take a moment to provide feedback. We review every submission and use the information to coach and train Agents, so we are continuously improving.

If you have any questions about these changes, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager.


Who can create a support ticket after March 6th?

Only Named Support Contacts will have the ability to create Support tickets through our Help Center.

Will this communication go to all Jobvite users?

Communications will be sent to all Administrators starting the week of February 9th

What Support is available for non-admin users?

Non-administrator Jobvite and Talemetry users have access to the resource center. (Note: Users will need their login to access the resource center)
• Resource Center
• Knowledge Base
• e-learning
• Learn at Jobvite
All courses are self-paced, led by Jobvite product experts, and available for every Jobvite solution 24x7x365.

Who should be a Named Support Contact?

Administrators are typically identified as Named Support Contacts.

How do I change or add Named Support Contacts?

Navigate to the Jobvite Help Center and click on the link, Submit a Request. Then, in the “Please choose your issue below” dropdown, select I want to add Named Support Contacts to update your information.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can be Admins?

Currently, Jobvite does not limit the number of Administrators, but we reserve the right to introduce limits upon contract renewal.