Savers® Streamlines and Speeds Up Hiring with Jobvite’s ATS

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  • Challenge: The previous recruitment software used by Savers contributed to a slow and cumbersome talent acquisition approach. Active job seekers suffered through a poorly constructed application portal, while Savers recruiters found it difficult to collaborate effectively in each hiring cycle.
  • Solution: By investing in Jobvite, no more candidates fell through the cracks for the global retailer. The company’s recruiters leveraged our ATS to more efficiently source and engage talent of interest, monitor their status in their recruitment funnel, and advance candidates from interview to offer more seamlessly.
  • Results: Incorporating automation in its recruiting process helped Savers secure more than 25,000 applicants in just a week’s time shortly after onboarding Jobvite, thanks to the quicker and easier application our ATS affords active candidates. More applicants entering their talent pool (and at a rapid pace) also led to lower time-to-hire averages for the business.

Savers® is more than just a global thrift retailer offering great quality, gently-used clothing, accessories and household goods. The company is a community champion and revolutionary recycler, operating more than 300 locations with 21,000 employees.

Devoted to reducing the textile waste footprint, The Savers® Rethink Reuse(R) business model of purchasing, reselling and recycling inspires a smarter way to shop. As a result, Savers keeps more than 700 million tons of reusable clothing and textiles from reaching landfills every year.

Savers purchases used clothing and household items from it’s more than 100 nonprofit partners providing them with unrestricted revenue to help support their missions.

Over the past 65 years, Savers has experienced substantial growth, which came with its fair share of growing pains and operational challenges. This included the need to hire more workers for its numerous retail locations as well as their warehouses and corporate headquarters.

However, their current recruiting process stirred up a mountain of headaches.

“The software we were using was cumbersome, taking around 30-45 minutes for a candidate to apply for a job”, said Savers People Services Center Manager Lea Bedford. “With Jobvite, Candidate data was easier to capture and allowed for collaboration among stores.”

As a result, this led to low applicant pools and long time-to-hire rates, causing more high-quality candidates to fall through the cracks — and leaving Savers in need of a more robust talent acquisition solution that improved day-to-day recruiting efforts and their long-term hiring.

Jobvite offers advanced, yet easy-to-use candidate sourcing and engagement solutions to the Savers talent acquisition team

With a desire for a more efficient system, Savers rejuvenated its recruiting process with Jobvite.

Jobvite allows Savers to use a more candidate-centric applicant tracking system that streamlines the entire hiring process — increasing both hiring effectiveness and velocity.

With built-in, automated intelligence across the candidate journey, thanks to investing in our enterprise ATS software Savers can make decisions, save time and close hires more quickly.

“Leveraging the automation aspect of Jobvite was instrumental,” said Lea. “It allowed us to really engage with candidates effectively and shrink time-to-hire.”

Savers also took advantage of Jobvite CRM to fine-tune their candidate sourcing efforts based on which job site locations were driving the largest pool of applicants.

“The sourcing aspect of Jobvite was really important to us, as it gave us the ability to see where our best sources were and understand where we should invest,” said Lea. “We were able to make better spending decisions, based on the data being pulled from Jobvite and refocus strategy on efforts that were driving results.”

And, without an organized onboarding system in place, Savers used Jobvite ATS and Onboard to provide new hires with a personal onboarding portal. The digital onboarding solution makes the entire process easy, efficient and digital while contributing to overall productivity.

Savers realizes more meaningful change — and maximum impact — with Jobvite’s ATS

Adding Jobvite to the Savers hiring repertoire completely reignited its recruiting efforts.

Before Jobvite, Savers was receiving roughly 6,000 applications per month across all store locations. After only one week of simplifying and automating their recruiting efforts, Savers received more than 25,000 job applications and have received nearly 100,000 since the beginning of May, filling more than 1,200 unfilled jobs.

Overwhelmed with joy by the large number of high-quality applications received, Savers actually had to turn some job postings off.

“Our old system took so much time for someone to apply,” according to Lea. “With Jobvite, candidates could apply for a job in less than two minutes. As a result, we saw an increase in hiring effectiveness and a decrease in time to fill by nearly 30%.”

And the success between Savers and Jobvite is just beginning. Changes within the company’s recruiting and onboarding efforts will continue to impact other initiatives within the Savers human resources department, as it has never had one system for streamlining information.

With Jobvite, Savers will continue to recruit, engage and onboard top talent unlike ever before.

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